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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a marketing strategy used to promote a website, product, blog, or online store. SEO ensures improved online presence of your product or service and a better ‘recall’ value.

With the changing times, the way people shop has changed considerably. The first thing most people do when they decide to buy a product or service is to look for it on a search engine like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. SEO would ensure that your product or service appears high on the list of search results based on the most commonly used key words related to your business or offering.

In addition, it is important to identify the most appropriate search engine based on your target customers. SEO experts would help you identify this search engine and then optimization is done in accordance with this search engine and the kind of customers you are targeting.

Furthermore, experts opine that besides the content of your website or blog or online store that you want to promote being important, the structure and organization of content is also very important.

Since the goal of any search engine is to display the most appropriate results to a search conducted by a user, it is important that website content and structure is regularly monitored and customized to reflect the market changes. Search engines index the available content and produce relevant results based on the words fed into the search box.

The most common factors considered by commonly used search engines to index content and draw it up when listing search results are:

  • Keywords in main pages and domain,
  • Relevance of domain name,
  • Social media presence including tweets and LinkedIn posts,
  • Online/ offline mention of your brand,
  • Media presence like news and press releases,
  • Content readability and loading speed

SEO experts reveal that the key strategies to improve your rank in the search results include working on the content and structure to ensure effectiveness on the factors mentioned above. These include but are not limited to including keywords in homepage, internal pages, domain name, and metadata; relevant internal and external links; content structured and organized in a user-friendly and practical manner; and relevant regular social and other digital and print media presence.

Another important point to consider is that your images, videos and other non-text inputs might not be captured. It is best to provide alt text for images, i.e., assign images (in gif, jpg, or png format) “alt attributes” in HTML so that they also appear in search results. In addition, provide a transcript for video and audio content, if you want the words used to be indexed by the search engines.

Summarizing, it is important to note that search methodology dwells on relevance and importance. Search engines measure what people do, what they like, and link to. Thus, in addition to developing relevant content, you also need to get that content shared and talked about to ensure high ranking. Whether your business is local or global, search engine optimization helps you achieve this task.

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